AEPS Blue Book

Association of Essex Philatelic Societies

The Association of Essex Philatelic Societies (AEPS) is a Federation of local philatelic societies covering mainly Essex, but also some parts of North London, Hertfordshire and Suffolk.

The 'Blue Book'  is a guide and information resource for all member societies, to assist in the formal running of their society in an organised manner. It also covers annual programmes and competitions.


The Blue Book

This is available to read or download from the buttons below. Please only print what you need to, or just read on-line to save paper.

Volume 1 - Constitution & Rules, Member Society info and AEPS Competition info. List                    of Judges and members willing to give Displays.

Volume 2 - History and Roll of AEPS and it's constituant societies

Volume 3 - Catalogue of Essex and associated areas collectibles