IPSWICH AUCTION - 15/04/2020. Vendor closing date: 4th March


Lots are needed now to make this a success. Contact Stephen Teuma at sateuma@gmail.com



You may recall, if you were at the recent AGM, that our Auction Secretary – Mr AG Blumfield – has decided to relinquish this position to concentrate on his own philatelic interests. We thank Tony for his previous hard work and diligence in this matter and wish him many happy hours sorting his own collections. He will still be an active member of our committee and Hon Librarian. As the Auction is a large part of our programme and to help keep this a feature of the society, our member, Mr Stephen Teuma, who also runs our website, has agreed to take on the challenge. However it will not be under the same terms as previous. The new terms will be similar to those used at Leiston but are as follows:

1. In year 1 – 2020 – there will be a maximum of 350 lots. On a first come basis.

2. Vendors will inform the auction secretary of their desired lots in writing, with a detailed and accurate description as well as a reserve price.

3. All lots will be held by the Vendor until the night of the Auction.

4. All lots will be packaged by the Vendor in a way that can be seen by potential bidders and accurately described. 

5. Once the 350 lots have been indicated to the auction secretary no more lots will be accepted.

6. The Auction Secretary will allocate Lot Numbers and issue these to Vendors who in turn will need to label their own lots as per auction secretary’s list. 

7. The Vendors shall transport their lots to the venue on the night of the Auction in good time for display and viewing, labelled as per item 6 above.

8. The lots will be distributed throughout the evening, as they are won, with any unsold items being removed by Vendors at the end of the auction, unless previous arrangements have been made.

9. Other terms will be as previous.

I hope you will support the new arrangements and the new Auction Secretary and look forward to another great evening of diverse interests.

I&DPS Committee

Upcoming Auctions in the local area and beyond

This years Auction will be held on Wednesday 15th April from 7.30pm. Lots are now needed to make this a success. If you wish to enter any lots please contact Stephen Teuma on sateuma@gmail.com with your list of lots.


Below is a list of Auctions in and around Ipswich where we have a mutual agreement with our sister Societies or are fellow members of the AEPS. Or any other society that holds Postal Auctions open to all Philatelic Societies.

Ipswich Auction - 15th April 2020

Also look at Downloads Section below for other auction lists.

IPSWICH AUCTION 2020 - The Catalogue for this Auction will be available nearer the time. Telephone and Postal bids welcome. 

The Auction Catalogue will be listed in the downloads section below, along with some past auctions.


Leiston Auction 2019 (pdf)




WIRRAL Auction 2019 Catalogue (pdf)




WAKEFIELD Auction list (docx)